Samsung deals a high-dynamic blow to LG and Panasonic with an impressive new TV feature

The next line of Samsung TVs will incorporate an intriguing new feature called HDR10+ Adaptive

Samsung TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

As CES 2021 creeps closer and closer, we've been lucky to hear some intriguing news in the TV realm ahead of the all-digital event. In this case, it's from big-time manufacturer Samsung

The maker's upcoming line of next-gen QLED TVs will be equipped with a new feature dubbed HDR10+ Adaptive. While we expect to actually see this feature in action during CES, we already know how it will serve us.

HDR10+ Adaptive is detailed on the official Samsung website. HDR10+ is the most up-to-date version of high dynamic range support, and the new feature looks to make it even better, no matter where you're watching TV.

The purpose of HDR10+ Adaptive is to adjust to the varying light levels in your home. HDR typically looks good in low light, but viewing environments vary wildly – Samsung cites "room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows" as key variables. Using built-in light sensors, the new Samsung TVs will be able to detect the light in the area and adjust accordingly, avoiding situations where the screen is either too dim or uncomfortably bright. Samsung says this happens "without any loss of details or contrast" to whatever you're watching.

It also says that HDR10+ Adaptive will work alongside Filmmaker Mode, which itself is intended to be used for viewing movies and shows in low-light rooms. Filmmaker Mode is available in partnership with Amazon Prime Video; Prime Video's Global Head of Video Playback B.A. Winston says this team-up lets you "enjoy movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended.” Samsung is developing partnerships with video providers beyond Amazon as well.

Those partnerships are certainly advised, since HDR10+ Adaptive isn't the first technology of its kind. Dolby Vision IQ offers a similar benefit of adaptive light adjustment, and it's currently found in TVs like the LG CX, where it's compatible with other streaming services like Disney Plus and Netflix. Furthermore, LG recently announced its new QNED technology, which ought to be a big step forward for brightness and contrast in 4K TVs. 

Altogether, these innovations make for an exciting time in the evolving TV world. It'll be interesting to see HDR10+ Adaptive carve out its place with new Samsung TVs, although we currently don't know if the technology will be added to existing ones. Still, watching it compete against Dolby Vision IQ and other innovations should be interesting. CES 2021 runs January 11-14, so hopefully we see some competition there.

Source: Samsung