Red Dot winner electric bike's price plunges by $300 in awesome e-bike deal

Red Dot winner Tenways CGO600 Pro can be yours for 20% less than usual

Tenways CGO600 Pro
(Image credit: Tenways)

Fancy taking your commute to the next level by pedaling to work but finding it hard to pedal on normal bikes? An electric bike might be the answer. If you're on a budget, Tenways' CGO600 Pro might be your best option; better still, this sleek commuting machine is now $300 off!

Weighing just 37 lbs, the CGO600 Pro is easy to handle, making it perfect for commuters and city dwellers on the go. The e-bike is powered by a 350W rear hub motor and a 36V, 10Ah lithium-ion battery and offers an impressive range of up to 56 miles on a single charge.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: was $1,899, now $1,599 at Tenways

Tenways CGO600 Pro: was $1,899, now $1,599 at Tenways
The CGO600 Pro features torque-sensing technology, delivering 45 Nm of torque as smooth as butter. It includes an adjustable stem, OLED display, integrated headlight, greaseless drivetrain, and a Mivice 350W motor for a quiet ride up to 53 miles. Now, $300 off at Tenways!

The minimalist cockpit features a small OLED display that provides basic information such as speed, battery life, and pedal assist levels. You can find more details about your ride in the Tenways app.

A standout feature is the greaseless drivetrain, which, when combined with the single-speed gearing, offers a low-maintenance approach to cycling.

Available in multiple colors, the CGO600 Pro's modern aesthetic is matched by practical features, such as a built-in headlight, making it a reliable choice for varied weather conditions.

Also on offer is the CGO800 S (was $1,999, now $1,599). It features a removable 374W battery, a Dutch-style frame, an integrated color LCD display, a class 1 pedal-assist system, and a 350W rear hub motor – everything you need for a smooth ride.

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