Quick Hit: FrontRow is an attractive alternative to Snapchat Spectacles

Will this be the first 'life logger' to succeed?

This is the FrontRow Camera, you wear it around you neck and it'll record or live stream your life. Sure, it's a concept we've seen multiple times before, but FrontRow has us intrigued, because it's actually quite a slick product. 

First of all, FrontRow is worn like a necklace, making it instantly less goofy looking that Snap Spectacles. In fact, the top magnetic connector can be swapped for different mounts (like a kickstand, or even a windshield mount). 

FrontRow features two cameras (one on both sides of the device). The forward facing camera features an 8MP sensor with 140 degree wide-view lens (roughly double that of a typical smartphone). That'll capture video at 1080p.

The flip side of the camera features a 5MP camera, as well as a 2-inch touchscreen for local playback and instant sharing. 

FrontRow’s user experience is centred around this touchscreen. It allows live steaming on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (as well as Dropbox and Spotify).

The UI is built on Android, so you could expect that list of apps to grow in the future.

The camera features Bluetooth, so you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote with the FrontRow App (iOS and Android compatible).

FrontRow has a standby time of up to 48 hours and is capable of live streaming for up to two hours.

In Story Mode it'll record for up to 16 hours. This is an interesting time-lapse mode, which uses sensors to create a final video of just the best bits. You can see an example of it here:

Once the battery is drained it only takes 20 minutes to recharge via a USB-C cable.

Like the sound of the FrontRow Camera? It's available now in the US for $399 (around £310), we're still waiting for UK availability.

That's certainly at the more expensive end of life logging devices, but who knows, maybe it's what the segment was waiting for?

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