PS5 owners, find your favourite game this year

Just don't look too closely at the playtime

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Much like Spotify Wrapped, the year's end is a great time for PS5 owners to see how they spent the previous 12 months gaming.

It's been a bumper year for the PS5, still undoubtedly the most popular console available right now, and we've had plenty of great releases to back it up. Spider-Man 2 has arguably been the biggest console exclusive of the year, but there was also the Game of the Year, Baldur's Gate 3 which only hit Xbox last week. On top of that, there have been countless quality cross-platform titles to sink our teeth into. Find out which is your number 1 by unlocking your PlayStation Wrap-Up on this link

So what information does it give you? Pretty much everything you could want, and some stats you probably are a bit embarrassed about. I learnt that this year I spent 837 hours playing PlayStation. Impressive right? Well, T3's News Editor Rik Henderson blew me out of the water with 1,197. Hats off to him. We should both probably go outside more. 

PlayStation Wrap up

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As well as that big scary number, the Wrap-Up also provides you with a breakdown of the five games you spent the most time playing in 2023. My 225 hours playing Overwatch 2 is a bit embarrassing considering I've been playing since launch way back in 2016. Also of note is I played EA Sports FC 24 for longer than FIFA 23, despite the newer game only coming out in September. 

That isn't all the information you're given, however. A bit like Spotify Wrapped provides a 'sound town', PlayStation assigns you a 'Gaming Style' mine was Gunslinger, because of my love of shooters, I then received a recommendation of other titles I might like based on my play data. Sony will even tell you which game you played most each month and reveal that I spent a shameful 102 hours gaming in March. So thanks Sony for a great year on PS5, just don't tell anyone how much time we spent together, please! 

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