Yes, people are still using, and it's getting a major revamp in time for Windows 10

Putting the "Hot" back into Hotmail

If you use Outlook (and millions of you still do apparently) then as the above, sizzlingly sexy image proves, the web client is getting a red-hot makeover just in time for the launch of Windows 10.

The revamp brings a host of new features to the email institution formerly known as The inbox has been refined, there are new ways to collaborate, the calendar has had an update, and there's better integration with Geocities and Usenet. Just a little joke for old school readers, that last bit.

So far, Microsoft has previewed the updates to a select few but now the rest of us will soon be able to enjoy these features.

Inbox sees the arrival of a feature, counterintuitively called “Clutter”. This in fact cleans up your inbox and puts stuff you are likely to never read into a separate folder - a kind of purgatory for emails that are not quite spam but not quite wanted. The feature can be trained by dragging messages in and out of this folder. Pins and flags will help you keep important emails at the top of the inbox with pins being folder-specific to help better organise emails.

13 themes have been added to the web email service and there are search suggestions and refiners to make search results better. There is also a pop out compose window that will be very familiar to Gmail users for the last 200 years.

Third party add-ins also make their debut with the likes of Uber, Boomerang and PayPal adding features to Outlook. These new features are said by Microsoft to help users “complete the task in hand”. Fair enough.

There are also new swipe gestures in the apps available across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Want the full details? Have a lookee here.