Onkyo will tease our ears with Hi-Res Audio gear at IFA 2015

The Japanese audio giant is teasing the audiophiles with new High Resolution Audio equipment at next week's show.

Japanese audio heavyweight, Onkyo, is being a right tease about next week's IFA show - pre-announcing three highlights from its High Resolution Audio (HRA) speaker and headphone ranges.

Working with Gibson Innovations to produce these latest audiophile devices, Onkyo has today released details of its X9 speaker, H500M on-ear and E700M in-ear headphones.

They're all part of the HRA range and have been designed with clarity of sound at the top of the list.

“With the Onkyo range of speakers and headphones we strive to achieve an optimum balance between the ideal acoustic design and a deep understanding of how we, as humans, interact with technology,” said Matthew Dore, sound and acoustics engineering lead for Onkyo products at Gibson Innovations.


The £250 X9 HRA speaker packs four 50mm drivers into its chassis as well as a pair of 19mm tweeters and two passive radiators. It's also rocking a high-end DSP to enable its High-Res Audio playback.

It's not just another Bluetooth speaker either as it has the wireless capabilities as well as physical USB and audio inputs to facilitate the highest quality sound reproduction.

It's the comfy-looking £130 H500M HRA on-ear headphones, with their 40mm drivers, that really stick out to us though.

With a super-wide frequency range of 7Hz-40kHz you should both hear and feel all the subtle nuances you'd expect from seriously detailed High Res Audio tracks.

The £75 E700M HRA in-ear headphones though have an even wider range, going from right down at the 6Hz level all the way up to 40kHz. Again the clarity you should then be able to achieve with detailed audio tracks.

Onkyo then is all over High Resolution Audio like Marmite on toasted bread. Having this year teamed up with 7digital to bring its e-onkyo HRA music store to the UK, US and Germany, rebranded as onkyomusic.

If you want to get your High Res Audio fix then it's got you covered end-to-end.