OnePlus Open suddenly drops to Samsung-beating price in official sale

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OnePlus Open
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Folding phones are still something of a new phenomenon but we are now seeing more and more of the big-name phone brands entering the arena. One of the most recent is OnePlus, whose debut foldable is in our opinion "The new king of foldable phones."

That's how we titled our review of the OnePlus Open and we stick by it. While Samsung may produce the most high-profile foldables on the market with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, the OnePlus Open has blown us away with the company's first attempt. Now it's on sale on OnePlus' own site with a chunky £200 discount

With the new price drop, you can pick up the 512GB version of the phone for £1399, which is £200 less than the cheapest Z Fold 5, and also twice the capacity of Samsung's 256GB model. That's hard to ignore. 

OnePlus Open:was £1599 now £1399 at

OnePlus Open: was £1599 now £1399 at
A new challenger to the foldable market, OnePlus has struck gold with this debut effort. Not only does it feature the least prominent display crease of any foldable, it also boasts some of the best cameras and battery performance on the market. 

So just what makes the OnePlus Open so good? Well, the main purpose of a folding phone is to have a big display that fits in your pocket. Here you get a 7.82in AMOLED, with an impressive 120Hz and 2800 nits of brightness but what really blew us away is the crease, or lack thereof. Out of all the foldables we've seen it has the least prominent impact on the display. In one-handed mode (so folded up) the Open is also a stellar experience too, so much so our reviewer was worried he wouldn't use the large screen mode enough.

Under the hood, there's a speedy Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and an impressive set of cameras, somewhere where foldables often fall down. Here you're treated to a 48MP main shooter, a 48MP wide lens and a 64MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and it goes down a treat.

It may still be early days for foldable devices, but with the Open, OnePlus has proved that there's plenty of space for new challengers to upset the apple cart. 

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