Novos reveals free-to-use Biological Age Test app, said to be almost as accurate as blood tests

Using XAI methods, the Novos Life app aims to gamify longevity

Novos Life app screenshots
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Novos has announced the launch of a free, peer-reviewed Biological Age test, available via the Novos Life app. The AI-based test is described by the company as the most accurate questionnaire-based biological age clock to date, even outperforming many blood-based tests.

According to Novos, the Biological Age test uses explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) methods and is based on health and lifestyle data from over 47,000 people aged 18 to 80+.

Unlike standard machine learning, which often produces solutions without enabling designers to explain the reasoning behind them, XAI provides transparency and clarity on how specific decisions are made by the algorithm, helping them retail intellectual oversight.

Users can access the Novos Life test by completing a lifestyle survey upon signing up for the app. The app also provides an actionable longevity guide with personalised lifestyle recommendations and daily actions aimed at extending health span and reducing biological age.

As with most questionnaire-based applications, accurate user input is essential to get actionable results.

The company's test and its supporting features are designed to provide clarity and understanding. They allow individuals to better comprehend the factors that impact ageing, helping them make informed decisions to slow down their biological clock and improve long-term health.

Some of the main features of the Novos Life app include Lifestyle Score (out of 100), Community Ranking (how does your score compare to other Novos users), Personalised Recommendations, and AI chat, the latter of which a ChatGPT-esque assistant able to provide general answers about longevity and provide proactive support in future updates.

The biological age test is powered by ENABL Age, an algorithm and epigenetic clock built by longevity experts Su-In Lee, PhD, and Matt Kaeberlein, PhD. Novos’ Director of R&D, Diogo Barardo, PhD, emphasised that the algorithm combines machine learning models with XAI methods to produce accurate biological age outputs and predict age-related outcomes based on lifestyle and health behaviours.

For those interested in more in-depth analysis, Novos also offers a blood-based test, Novos Age (retailer link, US-only), which uses the third-generation DunedinPACE clock and a range of longevity supplements aimed at slowing the pace of ageing, the company says. Download the Novos Life app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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