News@8pm: White iPhone 4 available and FroYo reaction

Plus: Kanye West shocks Twitter and EA snub Kinect

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Apple's iPhone tops a day filled with mobile stories. Kicking off the action was the surprising news that the Cupertino company has backtracked and removed the antennagate videos that smeared its competitors. Elsewhere in Apple land, those fed up of the delays to the white iPhone 4 can now take things into their own hands and turn their handsets white with the White iPhone 4 now DIY kit. If that wasn't enough Apple iPhone news, we decided you might want to treat your iPhone with a Powermat wireless changing bundle and so are offering five of the blighters in a new competition, lovely.

Google's FroYo Android 2.2 update also totted up the mobile stories today with a T3 reader reaction to the new FroYo update available now on a number of top handsets. Whilst you were giving your opinion we thought it only fair to share our and so have compiled our first impressions on Android 2.2 and all its inner goodness.

Twitter reaches high and came down with a lofty number over the weekend. 20 billion to be precise and that's Twitters magical number of tweets that have been sent in the 4 short years since its inception. A smaller Twitter number today is one, the number a Twitter users American rap star Kanye West is following of the micro-blogging service, an apparently random man from Coventry. Good for him.

New gaming announcements of the day see EA snub Microsoft's upcoming Kinect peripheral in its unveiling of future title, Create, an apparent carbon copy of LittleBigPlanet. Other news for gamers brings wind of Call of Duty Black Ops special editions on the way. So drop and give me 20 for news on the release, or simply click through and enjoy.