News@8pm: White iPad 2 and iPhone 5 screen spotted

Plus: Galaxy S II priced and MySpace sales begins

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Apple iPad 2 leaks are coming thick and fast with the tablets official unveiling now just two days away. First off today on the iPad 2 front was the appearance of a white iPad 2 snapshot that leaked the apparent imminent arrival of a lighter-hued tablet. Following that official looking pictures of the iPad 2 emerged highlighting the device's camera, speaker and form factor overhauls. All will become clear this Wednesday so stay tuned to


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Social networking giant Facebook and former giant MySpace have both been in the news today. Whilst Facebook is continuing to grown and expanding its following MySpace is dwindling so as the Facebook Crush Notifier launches to replace the banned breakup tracker, News Corp has started the sales process of MySpace in an attempt to recoup some of its initial $580 million investment.

Apple's struggles continue as just weeks after the company lost CEO and talisman Steve Jobs to illness chief designer and mastermind behind the iPod, iPad and iPhone's market dominating looks Jonathan Ive looks set to leave Apple to return to his native UK. With two key players in the Apple bandwagon seemingly on the ropse, the company has been spotted stealing Android technology with an internal Apple App using Android's pattern handset lock system.

New mobile handsets are a daily occurrence but today saw news of two of 2011's expected big players. Whilst the iPhone 5 screen leaked hinting towards a larger device with smaller bezel, the Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared for pre-order on pegged with a £599.99 price tag and May 6th arrival following a MWC 2011 unveiling earlier this month.

Samsung Galaxy S II hands-on video
Samsung Galaxy S video | Source: T3 Tech Videos