News@8pm: Samsung Galaxy S II upgrade and iPad 2 issues

Plus: PSP outselling 3DS and Apple patent hybrid display

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New dual-core smartphones were the talk of tech town today with news on two of the hottest dual-core handset yet emerging. Already announced and awaiting an official release the Samsung Galaxy S II has been given an unexpected boost adding a 1.2GHz dual-core processor in place of its expected 1GHz offering. Following that Motorola Droid 2X pictures have leaked online outing the dual-core Android device.


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Apple iPad issues have emerged as Apple pulls the iPad 2 from Best Buy stores. The move to remove the recently released iPad 2 from the retailer came after it emerged Best Buy was holding stocks back from eager buyers. Elsewhere on the Apple front the Cupertino tech giant has release a patent for hybrid e-link-LCD displays that could find their way in to a new breed of tablet devices.

Nintendo 3DS sales have been struggling since the device launch with thousands of early adoptors returning the glasses-free 3D console, or so reports and analysts claim. One surprising sales fact, however, is that the 3DS is being outsold by the PSP in Japan. More on the portable games consoles and the PSP is to add Music Unlimited on April 14th further scuppering the 3DS' domination plans.