News@8pm: IPhone 5 release set for June and Xoom price

Plus: New iPod Touch leaks and BlackBerry Touch spotted

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Future mobile handsets showing up before they are supposed to is the tech industry's bi-weekly Christmas. Today we have been offered advanced peeks of both future HTC and BlackBerry devices. Whilst the HTC New Eden Concept No. 1 was a deliberate release as part of the concept phone project, the appearance of RIM's BlackBerry Bold Touch on Youtube was certainly not planned with the feature revealing videos quickly given the chop.


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Back to the Future and Motorola's Xoom tablet has seen a price drop just days ahead of the device being officially released to a UK market. Now just £479.99 the Android 3.0 tablet is price competitive with the similarly specced iPad although with a considerably smaller following. Elsewhere in future news and Toshiba officially confirmed it will have mastered glasses-free 3DTV within 12 months.

Apple devices leak and we love to snap them up, today saw the next-gen Apple iPod Touch rear its head with a capacitive home button doing away the physical button and storage space being bumped to 128GB. Keeping with Apple and new reports suggest that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will official launch in June.

Gaming hit and miss stories round off today's News@8pm. Starting with the miss and EA is facing a billion dollar lawsuit after the developer behind the original Madden release sues over lost royalties. Now to the hit and Microsoft is rumoured to be bringing an app store to the Xbox 360 Marketplace within a matter of weeks.