News@8pm: Google Chrome OS announced, 3D Maps

Plus: Spotify's US launch is still on track...

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How about some Apple news to kick us off? The Cupertino company has expanded its HQ, and news today says that architect Norman Foster has been hired to turn it into 'Apple City'. On a hardware front, a new patent reveals that the iPhone 5 may have an FM radio receiver built in. CEO Steve Jobs has also mentioned that Apple's email and connectivity client MobileMe will be 'better next year.'

Macheads appeased, it's time to move on to Google. The big news was that the company's long awaited cloud computing platform Chrome OS has been revealed, with Netbooks and other devices coming mid 2011. Bad news from the Google stable is that the LG Optimus One has been denied the update to Android 2.3, on grounds of it being underpowered.


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Spotify has brought our stateside brethren some positive-sounding news at long last, with word that the pioneering music streaming service's US launch is still on track. Meanwhile, Sony's VoD service for its Bravia TVs has just announced the inclusion of Sky News. Sounds like you'll be needing some decent internet for that… good thing Virgin's 100 Mbps broadband has gone live today then, isn't it?

And finally... Zebra Imaging blew our mind this morning with its ZScape 3D holographic maps. You can't not be impressed by the video. If all that news isn't enough for you, remember you can win an Android App a day in the run up to Christmas thanks to the T3 Appvent Calendar. Check it out now.