News@8pm: Galaxy S II sales and PS4 release in 2012?

Plus: Apple vs. Samsung legal battle rumbles on

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App tracker 'Windows Phone Applist' has recorded that Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is now home to 25,000 native applications, including a completely revamped version of Foursquare. Soon to be adding to this total is Nokia, which announced that its Windows Phone 7 apps will be available on any Windows Phone 7 handset, not just those manufactured by the Finnish telecom giant.


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The smartphone market remains in the grip of the Samsung Galaxy S II as statistics today revealed that the handset has sold over 3 million units since its launch just 55 days ago. Not content with its current dominance, the Korean electronics manufacturer is also expected to release a Windows Phone 7 version of the Galaxy S II. Samsung has also confirmed that the eagerly anticipated Honeycomb version of TouchWiz will shortly be coming to Galaxy Tab 10.1 users.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, however,is one of four Samsung products that Apple claims have infringed on its patents. Apple filed on Friday for the prohibition of sales of many Samsung products in the US, with a view to halting production entirely. Perhaps distracted by the ongoing legal saga with Samsung, Apple has not stepped in to stop the sale of an early iPhone 4 prototype that has found its way onto eBay.

Today also sees Zumba Fitness stay ahead of the competition at the top of the UK gaming charts for yet another week. Sony has extended the availability of its PSN 'Welcome Back' package, and the compensatory freebies are now available to PSN users until Tuesday. Simultaneously, there are reports suggesting that Taiwan-based technology manufacturers are readying for work on the PS4, as Sony may be aiming for a 2012 release date.