News@8pm: Call of Duty: Black Ops release, iPhone 3D

Plus: BlackBerry PlayBook release date and HTC Desire Z

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CoD: Black Ops is here at last. After months of hype the mooted 'Game of the Year' has officially launched in the UK following a star-studded launch event. To keep you abreast of all the Call of Duty: Black Ops coverage doing the rounds on the web, we bring you the Call of Duty: Black Ops review round-up as well as the official T3 Call of Duty: Black Ops review and news that following its opening day success Black Ops is expected to become the most successful game of the year. Black-Ops out.


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Samsung's new Android handset has arrived following endless speculation as to what Sammy would unveil at its US press conference. As many suspected the dual-screen Samsung Continuum has landed running Android 2.1. Elsewhere on the mobile front Nokia has announced it has taken back control of the Symbian OS to implement much needed improvements.

App market rivals Apple and Microsoft both have some interesting new additions to their ranks today as whilst Windows Phone 7 gets a Google Search App to compete with the loaded Bing search engine, the iPhone App Store has received its first STD testing App that requires users to pee on their phones. We kid you not.

Future technology arrives. Well, almost as we today gained insights in to two top pieces of gadgetry, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the Apple iPhone. Whilst the iPhone is set to get a 3D capable makeover thanks to the Hasbro my3D viewmaster style tech, the BlackBerry PlayBook has reportedly been given a February 2011 launch date. Tablet rivals to gain steam shortly then.