News@8pm: BlackBerry tablet, Sony take on Apple TV

Plus: Virgin go 3D and LG's 'near HD' 3D laptop

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BlackBerry announce tablet
The big news of today is, obviously, the new Blackberry PlayBook tablet. Just this week Dell announced the Looking Glass tablet and now RIM have done the same with their entry in to the field. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab due soon, the market is really heating up.


App of theDay | Angry Birds (Android)
Physics based, anti pig, kamakazi avian fun. Now on Android at last!
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Sony launching TV streaming box
Speaking of rivals to Apple products: Sony have just announced the SMP-N100 network media player. Designed to take on Apple TV, it's a little more expensive than the Apple alternative but it boasts a better resolution and stronger network capabilities, so it offers a very real alternative if you're looking for a media streaming box.

Virgin Media go 3D
If retina scorching tellybox kit is your bag and you've made yourself '3D ready', you may be pleased to know that Virgin Media have gone 3D. If you don't like StreetDance 3D, however, you may need to quell your excitement. It's currently the only movie on the on-demand rental service.

LG's new laptop.
Here at T3 we love technology, especially when it's faintly baffling. The newly announced LG A510 laptop is capable of rendering 2D media in to 3D on the fly, which is awesome. It also sports 'near HD',...No, we don't really know what that means either. We want one anyway.