News@8pm: Atrix on T-Mobile and iCloud signs up Universal

Plus: New Acer tablet and iOS5 details rumoured

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Motorola Atrix dubbed the 'world's most powerful phone' arrived on T-Mobile today, and will be offered to customers along with the Lapdock, which turns the smartphone into a laptop with eight hours of battery life. A Moto gaffe on the company website however, managed to leak three new Android handsets, as well as the Motorola Xoom 2 and an upcoming watch phone.



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Nokia shares slid to their lowest since 1998, making it unlikely that the company breaks even between May and June this year. Things looking far better for Apple and its iCloud service, as Universal joined record labels Sony, EMI and Warner in signing a deal with the streaming service.

Acer revealed its latest tablet, the 10-inch Iconia M500, which will run using the widget based MeeGo OS and an Intel Atom processor. The product will be due to hit stores later this year. In other tablet news, Samsung stated that it will not be using its Bada OS on its next tablet releases, instead opting for Google Android in its bid to remain as Apple's greatest rival in the tablet market.

iOS 5 rumours suggest Twitter will apparently be 'baked' deep into the mobile operating system, making it easy for users to upload photos to the social networking site. Apple also showed its kinder side today as it offered customers with faulty MacBook cases the chance to get them repaired for free.