News@8: Samsung Craft LTE phone and BlackPad

Plus: PS3 jailbreak and Halo: Reach available online

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the day's news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

UK's first 4G phone? The UK could soon get its hands on the Samsung Craft, the world's first LTE phone. Fully compatible with the experimental superfast network that O2 is building here, it will be the first '4G' phone for Britain. Elsewhere, Windows Phone 7 is getting steadily nearer to release and right on cue we've been getting a steady stream of leaked handsets appearing. The latest is the LG C900 which has a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touchscreen. In relation to phones actually appearing in the UK we have the sneak peek BlackBerry Torch 9800 hands-on video and UK pricing courtesy of Finally the Vodafone has released its Android 2.2 update for the HTC Desire, with the 'FroYo' update having already been available to unlocked Desire handsets this is the start of the networks getting on board. We hope.

Medal of Honour to be banned in UK?: Defence Secretary Liam Fox has made a very bold statement on how he feels about war games. He has called for a UK retailers boycott for Medal of Honour; the latest instalment in EA Games hugely successful conflict-based first-person-shooters. His reasoning behind it is because in the multiplayer section of the game, players can assume the role of the Taliban, calling it 'un-British'. Those of you who had rejoiced at the earlier news of a PS3 jailbreak could soon be weeping into your sleeves after the news Sony could block PS3 jailbreak users from PSN. Also, Microsoft Kinect's Kudo Tsuonda has said the Kinect for PC idea is a 'possibility' hinting that the technology could well be used on other platforms. Finally, it is a sad day for those who enjoy the excitement of release dates after Halo: Reach was prematurely leaked online. You can get hold of a full copy of the game after hackers broke into the Xbox website and got hold of the code for journalists. We of course do not encourage such illegal behaviour, also, it's just not cricket.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet will trump iPad: In a poll we carried out last week, a staggering 66 per cent of you voted that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet will beat the iPad when it comes out. On a more embarrassing note we also discovered that only 6 per cent of you actually thought Microsoft or BlackBerry could do beat the iPad as well. Ouch. Speaking of the BlackPad, we have news that could then make you think again before ruling it out. A rumour has surfaced that the BlackPad will not run OS6, instead running an operating system from a company called QNX. This independent company has made software for in-car systems and even Nuclear weapons systems, this last bit we find extremely cool so iPad beware: it's going to be war.

Kodak takes on Flip: Kodak has announced the PlayTouch, its first entry into the pocket camcorder market. Quite an entrance it is too, offering 1080p video recording and stereo sound it also rocks a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen which means you can edit on the go. Unlike the Sanyo Xacti we mentioned last week however it has a slightly steeper price tag of $299.99 (£150ish).