News@8 : Kinect sold out and Galaxy Tab prices revealed

Plus: Sony outs Google TV-toting bluray player and Super Mario Consoles confirmed for UK.

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Xbox Kinect Sells out

Xbox Kinect was in demand today as retailers ran out of pre-order stock even though the peripheral isn't available till November 10 in the UK. Game, Amazon and were among those to have seen stock numbers plummet. While and Gamestaion were sill taking orders, stock was still very limited.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Priced

Samsung has released prices on the GalaxyTab to the public ahead of its launch in early November. Anyone looking to snap up the Android powered tablet reportedly will be having to fork out £599 for a SIM-free GalaxyTab or £199 on a 24 month contract. Even though a major network carrier is yet to offically carry the device, word has it the tablet will be available on most major networks.

Sony's Blu-ray

Like Samsung, Sony were very busy today on launch with an all new Blue-ray player, the NSZ-GT1. The player rocks a very sleek design and can handle the Big S's HD format as well as letting you stream TV shows and flicks via Google's new web-based service. It also comes with Sony's recent QWERTY remote released for Google TV.

Sony LOVEFiLM deal

Sony continued with another venture and managed to tie up a deal with LOVEFiLM. LOVEFiLM, Europe's largest DVD and games rental company confirmed that it is to bring its subscriptions based rental service to the Sony PlayStation 3 after a spate of rumours. This deal will allow subscribers to stream movies direct from their PS3 consoles much like the Netflix package available to PlayStation owners in the US at a cost of £5.99 a month.

Windows Phone 7 and Mac

Following the Windows Phone 7 launch on Monday, Microsoft have confirmed that mobile devices running the OS will now be able to sync them with a Mac. Tech lover Stephen Fry also gave his blessing to Microsoft over their current venture at the T3 Gadget Awards 2010.

CoD: Black Ops trailer

The gaming world saw the launch of Call of duty: Black Ops official single player gameplay trailer. Nintendo also confirmed the that the limited edition red Nintendo Wii and red Nintendo DSi XL consoles launched in Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. will be released in the UK later this month.