New Xbox Game Pass exclusive is a must play for Xbox Series X|S gamers

This Xbox exclusive delivers superior storytelling and a great reason to stay out of the sun

Xbox Series X running Xbox Game Pass with new exclusive As Dusk Falls
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If you thought yesterday was hot, you ain't seen nothing yet. I've just been out in Glasgow where it's much cooler than most of the UK, and even then I've seen three pensioners burst into flames.

As a member of the ginger community I'm staying indoors with the curtains drawn and all the fans on, and I'm going to be playing As Dusk Falls on my Xbox Series X (it's also available for the Xbox Series S). It's the latest Xbox exclusive to reach Game Pass, it comes out today and the reviews are really positive.

As Dusk Falls is an interactive thriller, which means it's perfectly playable even if you've been up all night because of the heat: it's a branching narrative where you decide what to do at key points in order to shape the story. And it's a good story, focusing on a family road trip that accidentally stumbles into a serious crime taking place.

Interestingly you play this game from both sides: as the criminals as well as their victims. And the reviews seem unanimous: this is a must-play.

As Dusk Falls on Xbox

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As Dusk Falls: what the critics say

The Guardian says "I would happily have watched six episodes of this if it were a Netflix series, but of course the difference with a video game is you get to influence it", and it "comfortably exceeds the standards of its genre when it comes to plotting, characterisation, performance and the impressive malleability of the story." Eurogamer says it's "a bold new future for interactive movie games", and IGN says it "remains captivating long after the credits roll." Polygon loved the storytelling, particularly "its ability to constantly pull the rug out from under you."

I think our friends at GamesRadar put it best: it's a "Netflix-style prestige drama with Telltale-style storytelling", "terrific TV-style placing" that often makes you feel as much like the director as one of the characters.

I'm far too tired and wired on compensatory coffee to play anything fast-paced in this heat, so As Dusk Falls couldn't have timed its release better: it's the perfect game to lose yourself in when it's far too hot to venture out of doors.

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