New iPhone 11 video shows off triple lens camera and new notch-free display

The next Apple iPhone could get the design bump we wanted

iPhone 11 concept
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Is this the iPhone 11? We hope so as that triple lens rear camera and new notch-free display make this the best looking iPhone ever.

The new iPhone 11 video has shown off just what we may be able to look forward to for 2019. The renders come from ever reliable video master Concept Creator who shows off the potential new iPhone from every gorgeous angle imaginable. Check it out below. 

As you can see, one of the big new changes on the handset is the inclusion of a triple lens camera on the rear, a step up by one from the current iPhone XS

The front has a dual camera system that will make Face ID a likely security feature on the iPhone 11. But it all looks very different from previous models, right?

This new concept appears to use the latest iPad Pro design, with squarer metallic edging, to tease the design of the new iPhone. That also means next to no bezel around the screen edges and, crucially, no more notch. 

Instead, the dual front-facing cameras are sat floating in the screen. This is something that Samsung has already teased for its Galaxy S10 smartphones due early in 2019. So it makes sense Apple would follow suit for its new iPhone, which won't arrive until later in the year, around September time.

Apple will also likely have to offer 5G if it wants to keep up with the competition in 2019, so expect that to also feature on the next generation of iPhone. All that should also make this the most expensive iPhone ever too.

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