New iPad Pro 2018 leaks with USB-C port and iPhone XS style notch display

Is this the new iPad Pro we've been looking for?

iPad Pro

The new Apple iPad Pro has leaked with a new type of iPhone XS style notch display as well as a new connector port that could mean saying goodbye to the Lightning port. 

Ever reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has once again thrown a valuable opinion out to investors of Apple. In this case it was to make predictions about the new iPad Pro for 2018. Specifically it suggests Apple plans to ditch the Lightning connector in favour of USB-C. 

The reason behind this choice is apparently to allow the new iPad Pro to output 4K video to a monitor, helping Apple to blur the lines between tablets and laptops.

Other rumours have appeared from sources of Mac Otakara and The Verge which suggest Apple is working on a cable that will charge the Apple Watch via USB-C. Yup, this could mean charging your Watch on the go using the giant iPad Pro battery. A great idea but still a step behind the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with its wireless version of this two-way charging capability. 

Expect Apple to unveil the new iPad Pro at its October 30 launch event.