Netflix to lose classic British thriller starring Jason Statham next week

Don't get caught with your fingers in the till

The Bank Job
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Oi, you. Yeah, you. Come here. I'm putting together a crew for a job. It's simple really, all you gotta do is watch The Bank Job on Netflix before it leaves on the 1st of January. Simple enough right?

Sorry about that, don't know what came over me. But yes it's true The Bank Job, an excellent crime thriller starring Jason 'The Stath' Statham himself, is leaving Netflix at the turn of the year. 

Based on the true story of the 1971 Baker Street Bank Heist, the film follows our crew of lovable lowlifes and dodgy dealers as they attempt to rob precious (and confidential) treasures from a renowned gangster storing his fortune there. While our heroes may not be particularly great people, in the face of an equally corrupt government system, why not root for the little guy?

Expect plenty of 'cor blimey' cockney accents, grit and scandal interlaced with plenty of laughs. If that's not for you I understand. It's not a Guy Ritchie movie, but very much has that kind of tone, for better or worse. For those of you still with me, you're in for a right rollicking good time.

Especially for the period between Christmas day and the new year, this is the perfect level of movie to chuck on once you've put the kids to bed. With 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, the critics agree with me too. 

Behind the camera, there is some real talent on display that Brits in particular will recognise. Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement. That's right, the creators of Porridge, Aufwiedersehn Pet and The Likely Lads. As for Statham's co-stars, the likes of Saffron Burrows, Daniel Mays and David Suchet all feature, as well as a blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it cameo from a certain Mr Mick Jagger. 

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