Netflix now showing all-time classic – 30 years after landmark six-time Oscars win

Forrest Gump is climbing the Netflix movie chart

Forrest Gump
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The Netflix top 10 movie chart has been hammering out sequels of all-time classics of late: we've seen Jurassic World Dominion hit the top spot, as one example, and with Star Wars Day now here you might think that sci-fi and sci-fi only is set to dominate. 

Well, it's not all futuristic movie mayhem, as the classic Oscar-winning Tom Hanks movie, Forrest Gump, is currently climbing the Netflix chart at pace – which, given it was released 30 years ago back in 1994, might seem like a surprise. 

Well, it shouldn't come as any shock, as this one's an all-time classic that warrants its 'landmark' badge – it was the highest-grossing (non-animated) cinematic release back in 1994. Fortunately it never spawned a sequel – and long may it remain an untouched iconic classic that all should see. 

Fans agree too: Forrest Gump has a super-high 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, placing it as Hank's second-ranked movie behind only A Man Called Otto. You only need look over Hank's resume to grasp just how many classics he's been in though: from Toy Story to Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan to Cast Away – few actors have such peppered and incredible careers. 

What's perhaps baffling about Forrest Gump, however, is how the story manages to see Hanks, playing the titular character, manoeuvre through such a vast range of life-affirming events. The film has an essence of fantasy about its often absurd moments, yet really grabs ahold and won't let go when those relatable tear-jerker events come to the fore. 

Oh, and the reason that Forrest Gump wasn't the highest-grossing movie of 1994? That's because Disney's The Lion King took top spot. Another absolutely stellar (albeit entirely different) movie that fully deserves its ongoing success. Still, Hanks and co did net six Oscar wins in 1994, making it one of the most celebrated Academy Awards movies of all time. 

As we're now in the month of May there are plenty of shows and movies from the best streaming services to look forward to, too. Netflix's current no.1 is a gritty 1970s Irish drama starring Liam Neeson. Or sink your retinas into the beautifully shot black-and-white Ripley

Or, if you're a Disney+ fan, then the full suite of Planet of the Apes movies, right across its 50 years of success is available to watch. Other long-standing successes on Disney include Star Wars, but of course, with a new animated show that's just released on the all-important 'May The 4th' date. 

Despite all that goodness, however, I think I'll have to re-watch Forrest Gump again to catch Gump throughout his American football, Vietnam War, ping pong championships, never-ending running and other bizarre escapades. It might be 30 years old, but even three decades after its landmark cinematic release it remains an all-time classic and well-deserved multiple Oscars-winner. 

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