Netflix bids farewell to underrated Will Smith rom-com next month – I love it

All good things come to an end

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Hitch, a hidden gem of a romantic comedy is leaving Netflix on April 1st. Treat yourself before it leaves. 

Yes, I know Valentine's Day was last month, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to be wined and dined all year round. That's why I implore you young lovers to watch this underrated romantic comedy featuring Will Smith.

Hitch and Netflix are going their separate ways on April 1st, and that's not a joke. As a man with effortless cool, Hitch was the film that finally put Smith's charm to use - as a dating expert who could talk the hind legs off a donkey. But he hasn't been able to persuade the streaming service so watch soon. 

Smith plays the title character, who runs a service playing cupid and helping men not mess up the early days of what they hope are long-term relationships. It seems a bit sketchy, but Hitch's intentions are always pure, and he has a strict no sleazebag policy. 

Working on his toughest job yet, things are made even trickier when he starts to develop feelings of his own for a special someone, writer Sara who's pretty impervious to his ways (Eva Mendes on fine form). 

It's cheesy yes, but Hitch is a sharply written romcom that does actually cut to your feelings. Sara is not just your standard female lead, she stands up for herself. Hitch may be slick, but to win Sara's heart he has to drop that and be himself. There's a decent message there for those willing to listen. The film has a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I think that's a tad harsh. For me, it should be in the 80s. I think, unlike many romcoms of the 00s, Hitch has aged well and is more refreshing in the era of dating apps than ever. 

I know we're used to seeing Will Smith in blockbusters like I Am Legend and I, Robot but In my mind it's in his gentler performances like this movie, King Richard and Pursuit of Happyness that he really gets to shine. If you want more romcoms, check out these ones you probably haven't seen.

Andy Sansom
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