My favourite free Nintendo Switch game is getting even better

It's time to hit the track again

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A lot of us here at T3 are Nintendo Switch fans, but there's been one game for the past six months or so that I can't stop shouting about, much to my colleague's annoyance. Well they're going to need earplugs because it's set to get even better. 

Today (March 28th) F-Zero 99 is set to receive a new update that will make the completely free game even better.

If you don't know what F-Zero is then you've been missing out on decades of high-speed futuristic racing. You can keep your Mario Kart this is a hardcore competition all about pure speed and life-or-death dogfights. F-Zero 99 ramps that up to the extreme, injecting a touch of battle royale to fill the regular tracks with 99 different players simultaneously. Of course, much less than 99 will finish with players crashing out and being eliminated each lap until eventually there's one winner. It's chaos and I love it. As long as you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, it's completely free too. 

With the game released in September last year, some people might be starting to think they've seen everything F-Zero 99 has to offer but Nintendo isn't done yet. 

F-Zero 99

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The new 1.3.0 update adds another arena to prove your worth in, the Mirror Grand Prix, which features tracks from the Knight League competition flipped around. Nintendo has also shared that the King and Queen Leagues (a bit like the cups in Mario Kart) will be given the mirror treatment eventually too. 

F-Zero 99 can also be quite brutal but those new to the franchise (or just a bit rusty) will, thanks to this update, be given a helping hand. The new Steer Assist will keep them away from the deadly walls and there's also the chance to hop into an expanded practice mode to sharpen their skills.  

This update also coincides with Nintendo adding a classic F-Zero title to the Switch. F-Zero Maximum Velocity races onto the Switch Online Game Boy Advance library this week. 

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