MUOV is after Wattbike with its new indoor exercise bike triathletes will love

MUOV’s new Triathlon Bike allows riders to train in an aerodynamic time trial position inside the house

MOUV launches indoor Triathlon Bike
(Image credit: MOUV)

It feels almost inevitable to catch the 'tri-bug' once you start taking cycling more seriously. It makes sense – you are maxing out on cardio gains by 'just' riding the bike; why not push yourself more by adding swimming and running to the mix? And if you're one of those madmen coming down with the tri-fever, you'll appreciate MUOV's new Triathlon Bike that can help you get ready for your next (first?) triathlon race by letting you ride your indoor exercise bike in the aerodynamic time trial position.

The MOUV Triathlon bike has digital braking and gear-shifting system, plus a tilting mechanism that simulates real-life cornering and balancing, "alleviating excessive saddle pressure caused by traditional static indoor bikes", MOUV says. You can even ride the bike in the standing position thanks to the self-centring digitized handlebar steering, which allows the bike to move freely under the rider when seated or climbing and sprinting out of the saddle.

MOUV launches indoor Triathlon Bike

(Image credit: MOUV)

The Muoverti system uses a dynamic electromagnetic resistance control and 'physics engine' to "algorithmically replicate the on-pedal feeling of physical forces" such as rolling resistance, incline, weight, acceleration, braking and inertia. The algorithm is said to update 1,000 times per second, in constant communication with the resistance control, resulting in accurate feedback from digital training and riding platforms (the bike is compatible with all the leading training and racing platforms).

As for sound levels, the magnetic resistance is connected to the cranks via a carbon belt drive, making for a "virtually silent riding experience", MOUV claims. The Triathlon Bike collects the following data points: power, speed, cadence, L/R balance, pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness, lateral force and even seated vs standing readings are all provided in real-time – is the dominance of the Wattbike Atom as the pros' default choice for training in danger?

Preorders are set to open to waitlist subscribers in October 2022. Athletes will have the option to order both MOUV's Road and Triathlon bikes. Each consists of a composite frameset manufactured in the UK alongside the base unit, which is compatible with either frame. The “frame swap” design feature was developed to accommodate multiple users in the same household with individual setup and preferences, such as size, geometry and design. Head to MOUV to join the product waitlist and get exclusive priority once the preorder is available in your region, or check out this video (links to Youtube) about how the bike works and the team behind the MOUV bike.

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