Magical LMcable works with both Apple and Android devices

A Kickstarter campaign funded in record time is set to deliver one cable to rule them all

Promising to 'make charging easier', the LMcable is the world's first cable to contain a 2-in-1 connector that can work on both micro USB and lightning devices.

The crowd-funded project, which recently blew through its funding goal on Kickstarter for $5,000 - the total pledged is already in-excess of $95,000 - allows you to streamline your charging needs with both Apple and Android devices supported, with either format switched between by simply turning over the cable's connector. You plug it in one way and it charges your iPhone 6s, turn it over and plug it in and it charges your Galaxy S7 Edge.

In addition, the cable comes in four different leather styles, is packed with a brass buckle belt for coiling away and supports 'fast data transfer and 2.4A fast charging'.

More information about the LMcable can be found on the project's Kickstarter page.