The phone that works like your PC

The new Microsoft Lumia 950 with Windows 10

It's awful when you leave your PC behind and you need to show off that vitally important document. But, wait a minute… what if your smartphone worked like your PC?

Windows 10 is ready and waiting on the new Microsoft Lumia 950 so you use Office 365 apps running directly from your mobile. That means even if you're playing the latest Xbox game you won't lose your work

If you're already using a laptop with Windows 10 installed, you'll know exactly how well the new software works already. Stick that in your smartphone and it's a great idea.

With the new Microsoft Display Dock for the Lumia 950 you can simply connect your phone and use it with an external monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Built-in apps like Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows 10 automatically scale up for the big screen making the work environment even more productive than any other phone you can buy*.

The Photos app on Windows 10 will back up your snaps to OneDrive - so you can get to your photos and important files from anywhere, on any device**. Plus if you lose your phone, your memories will be waiting for you on your Windows 10 tablet, laptop and phone when you do get it back.

If you're the productive type, you'll find it really useful as it backs up your Office documents directly to OneDrive. It means even though you're using a smartphone, your documents are all sat there waiting for you when you get back to your computer.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 includes Windows Hello beta, an incredibly personal and secure way to unlock your new Microsoft Lumia smartphone. Simply wake up your device, look directly at the screen, and it will automatically use custom infra-red camera technology to authenticate you.

The Lumia 950 is powerful enough to give a PC-like experience called Continuum for phones. With the help of the new Windows 10 software it means you can just plug it in to a screen (TV, monitor) with the new Microsoft Display Dock accessory and your phone works like a PC. Then you can go about your daily business knowing it's all backed up to the cloud and safely stored in your pocket. That's true bliss.

You can order the Microsoft Lumia 950 right now.

*App experiences may vary. Office 365 subscription required for some Office features. External display with DisplayPort, HDMI connector or compatible adapter required.

**Subject to selected OneDrive storage size

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