Loewe goes on the road with the Speaker 2go

Premium portable speaker launches with NFC and APT X Bluetooth

Loewe are looking to right a few wrongs done in the world of portable speakers by blending a seriously premium build quality with studio-worthy sound

The Loewe Speaker 2go is the company's first foray into the world of portable speakers and going by the meticulous build quality and eyebrow-raising oomph this thing can produce they're not really into doing things by half measures.

This is reinforced when you consider that despite being smaller than a shoebox the Speaker 2go can output 40W of crystal clear audio, not just from it's AUX-in port but also over Bluetooth thanks to APT X technology, so Daft Punk's latest album will sound just as good whether it's coming from your table or your pocket.

With an all-aluminium body this is Loewe on their usual faultless form. By blending such high-quality materials with a minimalist design the Speaker 2go remains both subtle yet instantly recognizable as a product that will clearly belie it's bite sized dimensions of just 204 x105x51mm.

The aluminium shell isn't just for looks though as Loewe have blended form with function. Thanks to the rigidity of the shell the 20W bass reflex woofer is able to bounce the sound inside the Speaker 2go, boosting it whilst keeping it distortion-free.

Accompanying that beefy woofer are two high-quality drivers at the front both capable of pushing out a further 20W.

Being portable and powerful isn't enough these days and Loewe have come prepared by making the Speaker 2go a high-quality speakerphone as well.

Echo cancellation technology means gone are the days of crackling distortion over hands-free whilst a built in microphone means this time, your smartphone can stay in your pocket from answering to hanging up.

As technology improves so too does the user experience which is the Speaker 2go also comes with NFC Wireless technology.

With almost all flagship smartphones now featuring NFC all you have to do is tap your handset on the subtly placed marker and you're instantly connected.

For those who prefer something a little more traditional there's a 3.5mm jack on the back along with a power socket and a USB port for charging your other mobile devices on the go.

Swiftly removing another of the portable speakers conventionally perceived shortcomings the Speaker 2go also has an impressive battery life of 8 hours making it a perfect replacement to a costly oudoor speaker system.

Priced at £269 the Speaker 2go is the pinnacle of Loewe's audio know-how and expertise in portable form. By using only high-quality materials and the most advanced technology they have created a powerful entertainment system that can last from morning till evening without ever seeing a plug socket.

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