Lexus and Lincoln to release new SUV EVs today

The luxury electric SUV market is about to get to significant additions from Lexus and Lincoln with launches both scheduled for April 20

Lexus RZ 450e all-electric crossover SUV
(Image credit: Lexus)

The release of a new electric car is now a common occurrence but they are still exciting events when they are the very first EVs to come from a big name. Getting two in one day is just more excitement than I'm ready for. 

Both Lexus and Lincoln have picked April 20 to reveal their first forays into the EV world. Lexus launches its RZ 450e Electric SUV at 11am UK time (3am PT / 6am ET) while Lincoln's SUV (possibly the Mark E) hasn't given a time of launch. 

Electric car launches so far have focused on the luxury market, with the SUV being the style of choice. In recent weeks we've seen the Lotus Eletre (the company's first ever SUV), the Smart #1 and the Mercedes EQS SUV. These large luxury models are clearly where the manufacturers believe the market is. 

Lexus RZ 450e all-electric crossover SUV

It's no yolk, the inside of the Lexus RZ looks pretty futuristic

(Image credit: Lexus)

The Lexus RZ 450e release is little secret at this stage. The electric crossover SUV looks very similar to the current RX and NX models that come in both ICE and Hybrid forms. The interior looks a little more space-age though, and in one image it is shown with a squared-off 'yoke' steering wheel. A similar design caused controversy in the Tesla S Plaid both for practicality and for driver safety, so it will be interesting to see if this is just an available option in select markets. 

Less is known about the first offering from Ford Motor Company's luxury brand, Lincoln. The teaser video shows only glowing outlines of a vehicle that seems to have SUV proportions. According to Car and Driver, the vehicle was originally supposed to be a partnership with Rivian but now looks like it could use a similar powertrain to the Ford Mustang Mach E. 

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