Mercedes EQS EV proves its luxury SUV credentials with new interior shots

The latest Mercedes EV will premiere on April 19 but these pics of its interior are already causing a stir

Mercedes EQS SUV
(Image credit: Mercedes)

Forget your BMWs, Porsches or Lexus, if you want luxury Mercedes is where it's at. There's a reason why the S-class has remained the popular high-end transport for dignitaries, royalty and luxury establishments for decades. 

Mercedes Benz is embracing the electric age with a range of vehicles, all based on existing models, including the EQS saloon, the rather impressive EV equivalent of the S-class. On April 19 though it will unveil an SUV version of the EQS, and based on the latest pictures, it's going to be just as luxurious as the sedan version. 

Today nearly half of all car sales are SUVs, so its no surprise that the majority of new electric vehicles have opted for this model type. The EQS SUV is expected to build on the comfort and refinement of the sedan, adding new digital and trim elements and an optional extra row of seats to fit up to 7 inside. 

While the full details of the vehicle won't be released until its World Premiere next month, these new pictures show what we can expect from the interior. The dash includes the MBUX Hyperscreen, a 56-inch curved screen that covers most of the dash, complete with safety features to avoid it distracting the driver. There's also subtle blue LED lighting, a digital panel in the rear armrest and full-sized passenger screens. 

If ever there was an SUV to tempt the upper class away from the Mercedes S-Class, it could well be the EQS SUV. 


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