Lego's Black Friday surprise is a Star Wars AT-AT as big as a medium-sized dog

Lego has just unveiled its latest Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set, and it's a 27-inch tall minifigure-scale AT-AT

Lego Star Wars AT-AT in the home
(Image credit: Lego Group)

Lego's Ultimate Collector Series of Star Wars sets are legendary among the best Lego sets for their incredible levels of detail and scale, and the latest addition is no different: the new Lego Star Wars AT-AT is 69cm/27 inches tall, and is made from 6,785 pieces.

That makes it the second highest number of pieces in a Lego Star Wars set, with the Lego UCS Millennium Falcon having beaten it with 7,500 pieces. It's also not the physically largest Lego Star Wars set, with the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer reaching 110cm long and 66cm wide. But I think this is the most impressive-looking feat of engineering of any Ultimate set they've done so far, with its articulated legs and accurate interior.

Perhaps as a result of this, it turns out to be the most expensive Lego Star Wars set in the UK, costing a cool £749/$799 (in the US, that's the same price as the Falcon). Ah, but what price can you put on this kind of Star Wars love?

The head, legs and guns are all moveable and posable, so you'll be able get all kinds of dramatic photos. You can open the side of the bode and the head to reveal interiors, including the movie-accurate cockpit, plus space for troopers to be carried, and room for two buildable speeder bikes to be carried. 

And it's all to minifigure scale, so the nine minifigures it comes with all fit inside, or look suitably diminutive when placed at its feet. There are five snowtroopers, two drivers, General Veers and, crucially, Luke Skywalker. The latter comes complete with  lightsaber, and can dangle off the bottom, ready to slice the hatch open.

Lego AT-AT with its sides open

(Image credit: Lego Group)

Like all UCS sets, the box and building instructions are given lots of love too, with the latter being as much coffee table book as step-by-step. You'll get insights on the design, and a behind-the-scenes peek. And the boxes inside have the nice touch of being possible to layout with a scale set of snowy footprints for the AT-AT.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come with a to-scale Snowspeeder that you can pose by or under its feet – and Lego doesn't currently sell any Snowspeeder models you can fudge it with. A shame, but we'll live.

It goes on-sale on November 26th, which is – yes – Black Friday. So don't expect this to be among the Lego Black Friday deals – there'll be more than enough people trying to buy it at full price.

In the meantime, here are the latest prices on some of our other favourite Lego sets, in case this one's just a little much for you. And be sure to also check out these great Black Friday board games deal from Amazon.

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