New Lego Star Wars Diorama sets are slices of the films brought to your shelf

Build little 3D models of the Trench Run, Dagobah and the Trash Compactor moments from the movies

Lego Star Wars dioramas
(Image credit: Lego Group)

Lego has just announced its newest Star Wars sets, and they're something a little different: dioramas of moments from the movies. Obvously, they're made from Lego and using Lego minifigs, but they're display pieces rather than playsets. They're just a lot smaller and more manageable than the likes of the big Ultimate Collectors Series sets… and a lot easier on the wallet, too.

There are three dioramas, all of which are available to pre-order today, and will be released on April 26th. You've got the Trench Run set for £54.99/$59.99 made from 665 pieces, the Dagobah set for £69.99/$79.99 made from 1,000 pieces, and the Trash Compactor set for £79.99/$89.99, made from 802 pieces.

They look like some of the best Lego Star Wars sets so far for people who want a fun build to show off, but don't want it to be massive – they're all smaller than 11 inches wide.

The sets are generally just as you see them: intricate and faithful moments from the films designed for fans to adore. 

The Trench Run set has an X-Wing swooping down, a laser turret, and Darth Vader's TIE with a couple of wingmen, complete with lasers. I love how Lego plays with the perspective a little here – the X-Wing is slightly larger in scale and closer to the front than most of the TIEs, giving it the feeling of swooping towards you.

The Dagobah set's best bit is the cleverly sunken X-Wing in the swamp, but Yoda's hut and the plants around it all look fantastic, too. You can pose Luke in multiple ways, depending on which particular moment of training you want him to be struggling with.

The Trash Compactor set has a couple of hidden touches in a way that the other's don't. Yes, you've got all four characters in there, plus the head of the grabby creature that's hunting them… but the walls close in too. And it's not just those six figures – C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding right on the other side of the door…

These sets will all be available from the Lego Store, though the Trash Compactor is a Lego exclusive in the UK, and a Lego and Walmart exclusive in the US. They could be some of the best Lego sets of the year for a great gift, or a treat for yourself.

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