This amazing official Lego NES set has a lot more than 8 bits

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System set also includes a retro TV, and even a playable Mario level(!)

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System NES set
(Image credit: Lego Group)

With Lego Mario sets releasing soon, that's not the only Nintendo product coming from everyone's favourite brick maker: a Lego Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console is on the way too, arriving on August 1st (the same day as other Lego Mario sets).

The 2,646-piece set will cost £209.99/$249.99, and features not only the Lego NES itself, but a controller connected by a cable, a game cartridge (which can slot in the NES when you open the cover, in a nice authentic detail), but also an ’80s-style TV, with a recreation of a Mario level appearing on the screen.

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It looks like highly detailed and complex build: not only do the TV and console have a lot of little realistic touches to them, but the little Mario Bros. level on the screen also has a lot going on… in fact, it has even more than it appears.

The level is built on a thin layer of Lego, and you can turn a crank on one side of the TV to actually scroll through the level, bring through more platforms and obstacles. The Mario figure automatically moves up and down, as the world demands. 

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System NES set

(Image credit: Lego Group)

The whole thing is wonderfully high-concept considering that, frankly, Lego could have just dropped a set that looks like a NES and does nothing else, for almost any price, and people would have gone wild for it.

We've dropped some more images in the gallery below, including a look at the Lego console next to the original.

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