6 ways komoot helps take you on the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure

The cycling, MTB and hiking app and social network that puts the great into the great outdoors

6 ways Komoot helps you find the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure
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If you want to explore all the most exciting and inspiring trails, roads and tracks near you, there’s nothing better than komoot. It can help you find one trip, three (or more) ways – with an optimised route whether you are a road cyclist, hiker or mountain biker. 

As part of the komoot community, you can also share your routes and adventures, or adapt a Tour another user has been on. Komoot is simple to use but has remarkable depth and versatility, letting you tailor routes to suit your fitness level, desire for challenge and available time.

It’s a cycling and hiking navigator like no other. It’s built from the ground up for exploration, not just for getting from A to B, or racing to be ‘the fastest’ – although it will undoubtedly help you get fitter, and hone your skills. Here are 6 ways komoot helps you build the outdoor fitness adventure that’s perfect for you…

1. One journey, many ways

6 ways Komoot helps you find the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure

(Image credit: Komoot)

Komoot lets you plan any route, anywhere. Just enter start and end points – and waypoints along the way as you wish – and komoot will generate different routes for cycling, hiking and mountain biking. There are also options for trail running and cycle touring. 

The route planner lets you enter your fitness level, and calculates the estimated journey time accordingly. 

As well as showing your road to adventure, komoot actually breaks it down by terrain type (road, single track, etc) and by surface. At a glance you can see how much of your chosen route is pathway, asphalt or tarmac road.

2. Get fitter through sharing

It’s easier to hit your fitness goals when you can share your exploits and get inspiration from others. komoot isn’t just a way to navigate; it’s a community of people who love exploring outdoors. Members are encouraged to photograph the best parts of their adventures and share them online.

3. Follow in the (virtual) footsteps of others

6 ways Komoot helps you find the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure

(Image credit: Komoot)

Komoot’s brilliant ‘Discover’ feed contains a number of predetermined routes, chosen by experts in the community, that you can adapt. All routes have a difficulty rating and clear instructions on how skilled you need to be on your bike, or on foot.

Discover also lets you see the most popular routes in the area you live or are visiting. We recently popped over to Madrid and as well as a wealth of curated adventures nearby, there were also Tour Highlights recommended by locals. Every week, komoot suggests great routes for the time of year, from all over the world. There’s now a huge archive of routes and recommendations for you to take on – and komoot is now available worldwide. 

4. See the world’s Highlights 

You can follow members of the komoot community and see where they’ve explored - and you can share your adventures too. One key komoot tool for this is Highlights, seen on the map as red dots. Highlights let you view the most inspiring parts of a trip, with photos and descriptions, and also upload your own.

Highlights can be anything from a particularly good stretch of track, to a stunning view… or just a great coffee shop along the way.

5. It’s all about adventure, not performance

6 ways Komoot helps you find the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure

(Image credit: Komoot)

Although you can see what friends and experts are doing, komoot is not about competition and there’s no pressure to go fast. It’s about enjoying the journey… and sharing it with others. As we said, routes are rated for difficulty, and you can tailor them to suit your fitness level. Whether you want challenging terrain, rewarding views or the ability to share the moment with friends, komoot is the perfect assistant.

6. So affordable, so adaptable 

Using komoot starts from free but buying maps for offline use is both affordable and very useful. With the komoot app for iOS or Android, you can use your smartphone to navigate and re-route as you go, with turn by turn voice navigation.

You can save planned routes offline, so you can adventure without worrying about losing signal, and komoot can also sync data with Garmin and Wahoo’s apps.

Maps are sold by region for €3.99 each, or snap up the lot for just €29.99.

Try komoot now, for free

6 ways Komoot helps you find the ultimate outdoor fitness adventure

(Image credit: Komoot)

Use voucher code T3XKOMOOT and get a free region bundle of your choice, until May 30 2020


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