Jaguar Land Rover takes on Google Maps with this advanced feature

Never get lost again…

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Google Maps and Apple Maps are navigation apps most of us reach for as soon as we get in a vehicle, but car manufacturers have been trying to change that with constant development and new features added to their preloaded navigation services. 

For example, you've got the excellent ‘Navigation with Electric Intelligence’ in the EQS and other EQ cars, and now Jaguar Land Rover has given you another reason to drop Google Maps.

HERE Maps is no slouch when it comes to the navigation game, with many of the big car manufacturers using their mapping platform. Jaguar Land Rover has been working with HERE Maps to further integrate support for what3words – a location service that pushes the accuracy way further than Google Maps users ever could.

The new update will be released as an over-the-air update available for all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with the Pivi Pro infotainment system the support for offline what3words will be making navigation as accurate as possible.

You see, compared to traditional navigation apps, which use street names, building numbers and postcodes for navigation, what3words has divided the entire world into 3 meters x 3 meters squares. 

Each square has a unique combination of three random words, so by using these words you can pinpoint a meeting place or navigation destination in super-precise detail.

This is particularly useful if, for example, you're stuck in a field, driving off-road, or on a long stretch of road with no landmarks to say where you are.

Jaguar Land Rover already has support for what3words, but now their vehicles will be able to access the service offline, i.e. when they're not connected to the internet. 

This is the time a carmaker offered access to what3words without a data connection and will be particularly useful if you happen to break down in a remote location that doesn't have mobile internet reception.

This software is also used by emergency services, so if there is an accident or medical emergency, Jaguar Land Rover drivers will be able to quickly load up their what3words location.

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