iPhone App News: J.J Abrams launches Action Movie FX

Call in missile strikes on your noisy neighbours and drop cars on your friends

Ever felt like laying waste to your fierces rivals' home stadium in a manner that would Cloverfield director J.J Abrams proud? Well look no further than the Action Movie FX app for iPhone

Movie producer extraordinaire J.J Abrams has released his first iPhone app, allowing users to bring movie special effects to scenes recorded on the device's camera.

The Action Movie FX app for iPhone let's you aim missile strikes at your least favourite places, or drop cars Cloverfield-style on unsuspecting friends or neighbours' cats.

The free app is really straight-forward to use. You choose your effect and then film a scene using the video camera, lining up the target you want to take down.

Once you've finished recording the clip, you can choose the point at which the effect comes in and hey presto. Complete and total carnage.

The app comes with Missile Strike and Car Smash absolutely free, but further packs can be bought from within the app. Chopper Down and Tornado are 69p for the pair and so are Air Strike and Fire Fight.

This app may be a bit of a novelty and has primarily been released to promote Bad Robot's latest blockbuster Mission: Impossible 4, but we had a blast messing around and perfecting our strikes. Check out how we laid waste to our neighbour's boat in the clip below.

Chris Smith

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