If I was a student, this is the electric scooter I'd buy

Thinking of getting an electric scooter to get around campus? Here's the one I'd recommend you buy

Pure Air Pro (2nd Gen)
(Image credit: Pure Electric)

If you're going to university in September and are worrying about how you'll get around a new city or even the university campus, then I have the answer for you... an electric scooter!

Electric scooters are the ideal way to get around a city or university campus. They're portable, so can easily be stored in your dorm, and they don't require much physical exertion to ride (so unlike cycling to university, you won't arrive dripping with sweat).

They're also reasonably affordable and are completely legal if you hire one using an approved rental scheme.

Please do check that your university allows electric scooters on its campus - I don't want you to get one only to get told off for using it on university property.

Using a privately owned electric scooter is set to become legal later this year, so you might be wondering what the best electric scooter to buy is. Well, I have some good news for you, as Travel Editor at T3, I spend a lot of my time messing around on electric scooters, sorry, I mean reviewing electric scooters, so I'm very well placed to recommend the right electric scooter for you.

My favourite electric scooter right now is the Pure Air Pro (2nd Gen):

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter 2nd Gen: Buy now for £499 (save £100) from Pure Electric

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter 2nd Gen: Buy now for £499 (save £100) from Pure Electric
You can ride further on the second-generation Pure Air Pro. Designed with Pure Electric's new powerful 500W motor that delivers responsive acceleration and superior hill-climbing ability. The high-capacity battery gives you a 31-mile one-charge range.

Of course, it's worth noting that electric scooters aren't legal just yet, so, if you want to be fully compliant with the law, you'll have to wait for more information from the government on when you can start to use privately owned e-scooters on public roads. 

What makes the Pure Air Pro (2nd Gen) so good?

The second-generation Pure Air Pro has been developed using real customer feedback from the first generation.

The range-topping Pure Air Pro features a powerful 500W rated motor, and a larger battery cell that can produce a massive 50km range (a 28% increase over the first generation Pure Air Pro), perfect for longer rides and multiple journeys between charges. 

It benefits from a premium 'click-lock' locking mechanism, designed to make folding even quicker and easier while holding the stem in place more securely when on the move. 

The Pure Air Pro features a durable steel frame quality and hallmark 120kg load limit, waterproof to IP65 standard for wet weather riding and Pure’s one-year comprehensive warranty coverage. 

If the Pure Air Pro isn't right for you then check out the best cheap electric scooter deals or our other best electric scooter recommendations.

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