I review dash cams for a living and even I'm excited about the 'smart' Nextbase iQ

It's the world’s first fully-connected smart dash cam, with next-generation safety, security, and AI-driver assistance

Nextbase iQ
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When you review products for a living you start to take them for granted a little. Sure, reviewing your first electric scooter or smartwatch can be exciting, but when you've reviewed dozens of them then it can start to get a little repetitive, until something new and exciting comes along.

I've reviewed countless dash cams for our best dash cam guide, and until today the thought of reviewing another one didn't give me that much of a thrill, to be honest. That's all changed with the Nextbase iQ, which Nextbase claims is the world’s first fully-connected smart dash cam, and has me revving my engine in anticipation.

The Nextbase iQ is packed full of AI-powered technology and provides instant, accurate monitoring of other vehicles’ speeds and trajectories with Roadwatch AI, and with Witness Mode, iQ offers immediate handsfree recording, as well as real-time cloud upload to provide the ultimate video evidence for when drivers feel most vulnerable.

The new dash cam is even capable of Spatial Awareness, where the dash cam anticipates, records, and notifies you of incidents when away from your vehicle. 

An all-new Nextbase IQ app gives you real-time alerts and access to video when away from your vehicle. 

The iQ also features real-time tracking with GPS, smart sense parking for enhanced monitoring of your surroundings and instant incident notifications.

Building on Nextbase's previous T3 Award-winning models, I expect the iQ will still nail the basics, with 4K recording, three cameras for different views, and advanced image processing.

Check out the launch video below:

Other stand-out features in the Nextbase iQ have been listed below.


Many patent-pending technologies have been incorporated into Nextbase iQ, including:

  • Real-time access anytime, anywhere
  • Spatial Awareness Technology – custom-designed artificial intelligence to anticipate and record incidents both while in, and away from your vehicle
  • Fast and reliable cloud connection with NXT Dual Link Wi-Fi and 4G
  • GPS satellite positioning for fast and convenient vehicle tracking

Driver Assist

  • A 4K, tri-cam IR video system, delivering up to 4K front and 1440p in rear and cabin views, day or night
  • Witness Mode offers immediate, voice-activated handsfree recording, real-time cloud upload and sharing
  • Live View provides drivers with real-time direct access to the onboard camera
  • Native Voice Control system allows fast and intuitive commands, safely enabling various features while hands remain on the wheel and eyes remain on the road
  • A Valet Mode keeps an eye on your car when the vehicle is not in your possession, such as when being valet parked, at the workshop, or loaned to another driver such as a child or colleague

Driver Safety

  • Nextbase’s low-light video system precisely captures license plates, street signs and all other critical details in the event of an incident
  • Roadwatch AI provides real-time monitoring of other vehicles’ speeds and trajectories
  • Emergency SOS automatically alerts Emergency Services with location and other critical details following a serious accident
  • Driver Aware features a driver monitoring system to combat distracted and/or drowsy driving
  • An advanced driver assistance system monitors the road and cars in front, warning drivers of vehicle and pedestrian danger utilizing Nextbase Spatial Awareness Technology

Nextbase iQ

(Image credit: Nextbase)

Vehicle Security

  • Smart Sense Parking captures critical moments before and after any incident. The intelligent monitoring system keeps an eye on surroundings, including vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, allowing drivers to obtain real-time alerts to observe and act
  • Through the Nextbase iQ app, drivers can receive incident notifications, instantly when away from the vehicle

The iQ will be available in Autumn 2022 and you can read more about it on Nextbase's website.

There's no word on price yet, but the brand's current flagship model, the Nextbase 622GW, costs £249 / US$399, and I expect the iQ will cost more than that.

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