Google Maps is about to get much more useful and I can't wait to try it

Google IO 2021 was filled with new and exciting tech, but it's the updates to Google Maps which I will use the most

Google Maps
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Google recently announced a raft of new Google Maps updates at its annual I/O developer's conference. The popular mapping app will now display pavements and crossings, areas that are wheelchair accessible, and traffic light information. That's to name a few things, generally, though, Google Maps is about to show a lot more detail overall.

The aim is to make Google Maps much more useful, not just for drivers but for pedestrians as well.

Google will also start tailoring its maps to you – highlighting the most relevant places based on time of day and whether or not you’re travelling. So, for example, if you live in New York and open up Google Maps at 8AM on a weekday, it'll prominently feature nearby coffee shops — instead of dinner spots.

There's no questioning that this new Google Maps experience will make user's lives easier, but there is a small issue, these new maps are only available in a very limited number of cities.

Google is hoping to change this by the end of the year, stating the new Google Maps would be expanded to many more regions in 2021. A total of 50 cities are expected to receive the updated Google Maps data. We expect big US cities such as New York and LA to receive the update, but also cities in other countries around the world, such as London.

Google has also stated the new maps will be available on both the Android and iOS version of the app.

New updates aren't limited to more detail, however, with the search giant also showing off a new feature that helps users find safer routes to their destination. The app will take into account hard-braking zones and suggest a route that avoids the problematic zones.

If the estimated time of arrival of the safer route isn’t increased substantially compared to the faster option, it will be the one offered as the default suggestion in Google Maps.

This should reduce the risk of an accident behind the wheel.

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