Hybrid kit: the smart way to get fantastically fit

Look good, feel great and travel the world too

We want to get fit but we can’t stand gyms: they cost too much, the machines we want are always busy, the music is rubbish and they get boring very quickly. So hurrah for ProForm’s hybrid trainers, which put the fun back into fitness. Part elliptical trainer and part bike, they’re total genius.

 The best of both worlds 

Hybrid trainers aren’t like other fitness equipment at home. They’re cleverly designed to deliver the benefits of two very different kinds of fitness trainers - a recumbent bike for cardio and an elliptical trainer for strength - in a single piece of superb engineering. That means you can use it in elliptical mode to engage your core, upper and lower body, and then put it in bike mode for a great cardio workout. With the latest fitness technology built in, the Hybrid Trainer will transform your home fitness routine.

 Simple switching 

Switching between modes is quick and simple: the Hybrid Trainer goes from elliptical to bike mode and vice-versa in just two quick steps. And unlike other home fitness equipment it doesn’t dominate the room either: its front mounted wheels make it easy to move out of the way when you’ve hit today’s targets.

That’s the practical bit. Now for the fun bit.The Hybrid Trainer has an extra-wide device shelf for your smartphone or tablet, and that enables you to use your fitness apps, catch up with Twitter or just stream Netflix when you’re working out. But that’s not all. The trainer is also Bluetooth-enabled, and it offers iFit technology. That’s genuinely useful, a real motivational aid and a great deal of fun too.

 See the world

If you sign up for iFit Coach, you gain access to a whole bunch of really great features. Our favourite is the Google Maps integration, which you can use to ride, run or hike anywhere in the world. While gym rats are staring at the walls or watching the adverts on MTV, you can be hiking in the Swiss Alps, jogging along the Chilean coast or riding through Paris. 

The resistance changes with the terrain and Google Street View provides the images, so you can experience riding or hiking anywhere you fancy without having to worry about the local drivers, the weather, being attacked by wildlife or falling off the side of a mountain.

 Workouts just for you 

That’s not all. iFit also offers unlimited workouts featuring top TV trainers such as Chris and Heidi Powell, and it includes a range of great fitness tracking tools too. No matter what your goals are, iFit delivers fitness programmes created just for you: every day you’ll receive a brand new workout created by a certified personal trainer, and iFit’s automatic tracking enables you to keep a close eye on your fitness evolution.

 Watts going on 

The Hybrid Trainer has plenty of other great features too. The customisable console includes a digital power meter that tells you how many watts you’re burning, enabling you to pick up or slow down the pace of your workout, and the EKG Grip Pulse offers the ultimate fitness tool: heart rate training. The built-in dual-grip monitor enables you to stay in your target zone for better, faster results. 

Make fitness fun again

There’s no better way to put the fun into fitness, and the trainer is tough too: it’s built to last and backed with a 5-year frame warranty for extra peace of mind. If you’d like to discover how ProForm’s Hybrid Trainer can transform your home fitness experience and see the other great fitness kit ProForm offers, pop along to the ProForm website.

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