These Acer Swift 7 laptop deals make a great lightweight laptop more affordable

Acer Swift 7 is a superb ultraportable. Don't miss these fantastic laptop deals on it

Acer Swift 7 laptop deals
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If you're on the move a lot then choosing the best lightweight laptop is incredibly important. The ultraportable market is really, really busy with manufacturers making laptops of all descriptions and varieties. During our testing, Acer Swift 7 stood out as an exceptional choice, combining power with an incredibly lightweight body. And these laptop deals make picking it up easier than ever.

The problem that a lot of lightweight and ultraportable laptops come up against is that, in order to make themselves as small and light as possible, things have to be left out. And those things are usually important, like a fan that can cool a powerful processor or a larger display.

Acer has – somehow – managed to avoid all of these pitfalls with the Swift 7 and it shows. There's no fan but Intel's 8th-gen i7 is still onboard, providing a lot of oomph alongside 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The bezel-less 14-inch touchscreen is a joy to use, too, and it's especially strong thanks to Corning's Gorilla Glass.

While you're never going to be able to edit complex videos or photos, for most people the Swift 7 is ideal: light (1.2kg) and thin (9mm) enough to be ultraportable while retaining enough power and battery life for all-day usage.

The best Acer Swift 7 deals (US)

Acer Swift 7 | 14-inch | Intel i7 (8th-gen) | 8GB / 256GB | 1.2kg $1,699.99

Acer Swift 7 | 14-inch | Intel i7 (8th-gen) | 8GB / 256GB | 1.2kg
$1,699.99 $949.99 from Walmart
Incredibly thin, light, and powerful, the Acer Swift 7 is our strong recommendation for the best lightweight and ultraportable laptop on the market right now. Ideal for working while travelling. Save $750 at Walmart while stocks last.

The best Acer Swift 7 deals (UK)

Acer Swift 7 | 14-inch | Intel i7 (8th-gen) | 8GB / 256GB | 1.2kg £1,461 from Amazon

Acer Swift 7 | 14-inch | Intel i7 (8th-gen) | 8GB / 256GB | 1.2kg
£1,461 from Amazon
People buying in the UK sadly can't access the phenomenal discounts from Walmart but Amazon currently has some good deals on the Switch 7 under its Prime program, perfect if you need a new ultraportable laptop swiftly (if you'll pardon the pun). 

Getting the right ultraportable laptop is a tricky balancing act: you need something lightweight that doesn't compromise on power too much while maintaining all-day battery life, a big screen, and a spacious keyboard. Acer's Swift 7 does all these things and does them exceptionally well.

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