HTC One X Problems: Screen, battery & other issues

What's wrong with HTC's latest handset? We find out...

All HTC One X Problems rolled into one, including screen, battery and Wi-Fi issues. But don't be disgruntled - it's still one heck of a handset

The HTC One X is bold and beautiful but it hasn't been without its problems. As with any new invention, design and technical flaws come with the territory.

When the One X launched in the UK last month, the Android army threw a major strop after discovering a series of glitches that affected the handset's battery life, screen and performance.

We've already rounded up the new iPad 3 problems, so now we've shifted our attention to HTC's latest smartphone.

HTC One X Problems: Screen

As mentioned in our review, the HTC One X dons a remarkable 4.7-inch high resolution display, making it ideal for taking snaps and watching video.

However, it has been reported that the One X's screen build is somewhat flawed – although this could purely be a problem with the first batch of handsets sent to technology journalists for review.

Natasha Lomas, a writer for the technology website CNET who discovered the flaw, explains the problem.

She wrote: “While testing the HTC One X, I found that pushing on the edges of the curved screen causes the display to flex and patches of discoloured pixels track your finger movements.


“It is also sometimes possible to accidentally activate something on screen by mistake, simply by gripping the phone's edges tightly.”

Daniel Hundt, creative director at HTC's design consultancy One & Co, told Lomas: "I was not aware of that -- maybe this [review unit] is not a shipping build. We would never let that ship."

Although no official statement has been made, it's likely that HTC will fix the problem when rolling out their next batch of One X handsets.

HTC One X Problems: Battery

Users and even journalists who were sent review samples of the HTC One X reported problems with battery life – the result of a problem with the GPS chip, according to reports.

A server problem meant that the HTC One X was constantly seeking positioning data which devoured the battery - sandwiched between the phone's chassis - to within an inch of its life.

Some users even reported overheating issues while playing games on the device.

A user on the Android Forums said:

“I have notice my phone getting seriously hot whilst playing "Temple Run" whilst phone's on charge. Even the glass on the front of the phone is really hot.”

Another user (with poor grammar may we add) said:

“On my htc One x the battery was dying after few houres and was geting very hot in my poket.”

The company has since released two updates to deal with the problem. Version 1.27 did wonders for the battery life and the second, version 1.28, completed the repair process with a series of tweaks, including the softening of auto-brightness.


HTC One X Problems: Speed

Some users have encountered speed issues while playing games on the HTC One X.

Users on the Android Forum discovered that the screen becomes unresponsive to requests during gameplay.

One user went as far as to record the problem and upload it onto YouTube.

In a lengthy post, he wrote:

“I've found some issues with this phone (or with ICS).

1. unbelievable lag when i play the game defender 2
seriously don't know why. the phone had enough battery to be run in 1500Mhz frequency. here are the links of videos to compare

my phone (htc one x) running defender 2 very slow and the subtle lag happens when playing samurai vs zombies. which i don't think it should happen on 1.5Ghz Quadcore cpu.

2. subtle lags when i push recent apps button and home screen button. but it gets faster when i do it again. And i can't really explain how it gets slow but those lags are pretty noticeable.

3. Here's another video showing lag on HTC ONE X. this is gmail widget. and as you can see the scrolling is not very smooth and sometimes wrong touch happens.

Also I've done bechmark test with antutu and quadrant and the result were pretty much same as the result on internet.

Another user reported the same issue, saying: “I came on here looking for people with the same problem so I'm glad it's not just me.

“I think for a quad-core phone clocked at 1.5ghz, the lag I'm getting is ridiculous, especially as the same games ran perfectly on my Desire HD, single core 1ghz.

“I installed a CPU spy app and after running games that lagged, discovered the top end of the processor was hardly being used.

The user then went on to say that they only encountered the problem while playing low-graphic games, saying:

“340mhz was the most I was getting on simple games. High graphic games seem to work fine.”

While most users have stayed loyal to HTC's flagship handset, one disgruntled user has had enough after encountering a string of problems with the device.

They wrote: “Unfortunately I've lost all faith in the One X and HTC's solutions. I'm taking it back tomorrow for a replacement to see if all One Xs are the same. If so, I'll demand a refund so I can maybe buy the Galaxy Note. Never thought I'd say it but the One X has really let me down.

“Guys, get your phone and set a live background, then try navigation aross the home screen. Watch the background, it's heart-breaking.”

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