Google Maps just added some neat new features to help you live a greener life

Google Maps’ new business and community info helps with environmental choices

Google Maps
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Google Maps offers an easy way to find local businesses or driving directions but it can also help you to be more environmentally conscious in your choices. Its community and business information functions provide insight into the services offered locally as well as those that are doing more for the environment. With the Climate Summit and Earth Day this week, being more eco-friendly is on many people’s minds and so these new updates might come in useful.

Now with Google Maps you can find out about local recycling information, added through Google My Business, discover lists of sustainable businesses or add your own information on businesses and services to help others in your area. This information allows users to make more informed choices in where they buy from or where they dispose of unwanted goods.

Business profiles on Google Maps and Search for recycling sites now provide information on the type of materials they accept. This means you can better organize your recycling and avoid items needlessly ending up in landfills. Users can also add information on these businesses after they visit to help fill out missing information on a profile.

Google users through the Local guides program can add community information to Google Maps, from photos and reviews to missing places. Users can also create lists and guides for others in the area – such as where to find EV charging points or where to get rid of an old fridge. By joining the program, you can also add your own tips and reviews.

You can also help others by adding photos and info to existing business profiles. Highlighting the local independent store that sells eco-friendly produce and gets you to bring your own bags. Or maybe noting the stores that wrap everything in two layers of plastic.

In many ways, Google Maps is offering a community forum within its maps, and that’s only ever going to be as good as the information you put in. However, considering the number of people that use the service on a daily basis, it’s a good place to start.     

Mat Gallagher

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