Get a free LG TV in Virgin Media's mega sign-up sale

You had us at free TV

Virgin Media free TV deal
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Most households these days revolve around two things, the internet and the TV. Well, Virgin Media is offering the chance to sort both at once and throw in a free LG TV to watch the 200+ channels on. 

Virgin Media's latest sign-up sale offers high-speed fibre broadband, various TV packages and a free LG TV worth £379.99. The model in question isn't a minnow either, it's a 43-inch LED UR78 4K Smart TV, and a 2023 model too. That's good enough to go in your front room. Don't worry, if you've already got one of the best TVs, you can swap the gift for £250 bill credit instead. 

The offer applies to four of Virgin Media's top packages which we've outlined below. Hurry though, you only have until March 17th! Remember as well that all of the deals below are for 18-month contracts. 

Bigger Combo bundle + Movies (18-month contract) for £68 per month

Bigger Combo bundle + Movies (18-month contract) for £68 per month
Get a choice of 218 different TV channels, including Sky Cinema HD, as well as fibre broadband with average download speeds of 264Mbps. And don't forget that free TV! 

Bigger Combo bundle + Sports HD (18-month contract) for £65 per month

Bigger Combo bundle + Sports HD (18-month contract) for £65 per month
For the sports fans in your life, this package shuns the movie package for a host of live sports channels. It features the same 264Mbps broadband and the free LG TV. 


Biggest Combo bundle (18-month contract) for £79 per month
Including both the sports and movie packages as well as a Netflix standard subscription, this package comes with broadband up to 132Mbps. If you're into streaming this is the package to get no doubt.

Mega Volt (18-month contract) for £85 per month

Mega Volt (18-month contract) for £85 per month
The ultimate package comes with 230+ channels, Netflix, broadband with an average download speed of 516Mbps and an unlimited 02 SIM card with roaming in 75 countries. And the free TV - phew! 

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