Garmin launching fitness tracker for the workplace

Garmin Vivoki is designed to encourage employees to embrace a more active lifestyle

Latest Garmin addition is a compact all-day activity monitor that boasts to integrate with company health and wellness programs.

Unveiled at this week's CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, the new Garmin fitness tracker is designed to encourage workers to live a more active lifestyle.

Vivoki is a small, water-resistant fitness tracker that clips on to clothes or can be slipped into a pocket, recording steps, distance, calories and the intensity of the exercise.

Automatic wireless uploading via access points means there is no need to input data and it is also easy for participants to see exactly how they are getting on.

Five LED lights indicate how they are progressing towards their personalised daily goal – so all they have to do is make sure they do enough exercise to reach it.

Employees can easily view their individual progress on the Garmin Connect, Garmin's online community, which allows them to review their workouts, share activities, consult training plans and even engage in leader boards.

Those running the wellness program can also track their staff and follow their progress to see who is top of the table.

"With Vivoki, Garmin now offers a complete portfolio of wellness and fitness devices that are suitable for an entire workplace population, no matter how big or small," said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

"Thanks to a simple wireless uploading process and a robust online activity database, employees and wellness providers can easily view their progress and set new goals."

Users can also view their progress on Garmin's mobile app, free to download on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Vivoki will be available from May 2014.

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Nathan George

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