Focal provides a serious sound upgrade for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs

These plug-and-play speaker kits from Focal offer a serious audio enhancement to the factory-installed audio on Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla Model 3
(Image credit: Tesla)

Ever wanted an EV to sound better? Well now Focal is offering just that. Its new speaker kits are perfectly designed to fit into a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y to replace the factory speakers, without making any modifications. Simply take out the original speakers, and put these in their place. 

There are four kits on offer, designed to replace different parts of the standard seven-speaker set-up in the Model 3 and Model Y. Or you can combine all four kits to replace the whole lot. There are video instructions on the focal website to walk you through the process and make the process as easy as possible (though you do need to remove a few panels). 

There was once a time when modifying your car with new more powerful speakers was all the rage. However, new cars have upped the standard of the factory kits, while also making the process of replacing them more difficult. Focal produces plug-and-play speaker kits for a range of vehicles, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz models, and even a special suitcase setup for a Porsche 911

Focal speakers for Tesla Model 3

Four speaker packages for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

(Image credit: Focal)

These kits are no standard upgrade either. The speakers are extremely high quality, with aluminium inverted domes, Flax cones and neodymium magnets. Judging by the quality of Hi-Fi speakers and wired headphones, these are likely to blow you away.

Price and availability of the Tesla Model 3/Y compatible speakers are still to be confirmed. However, previous replacement speaker modules have ranged from £100 to £400 per package.

Tesla Model 3

(Image credit: Tesla)
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