Facebook launches new "couples page"

The ultimate PDA

Facebook has launched a new feature that collects information for users in a relationship and produces a special shared page for the happy couple

The new feature combines all the posts, photos and events you've ever shared with that special someone in one place - providing a loving timeline during the relationship and a bitter memento after you break up.

"We're introducing a new layout for friendship pages. Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared," Facebook said.

All you have to do to create your own couples page is log in and navigate to Facebook.com/us. Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of the page once it's been created. So, like we said, be prepared for a permanent reminder once you go your separate ways.

If you're a mere singleton, there's no need to feel left out. You can see your own "friendship page" with any of your mates by clicking on the gear icon that appears on their profile. A feature that has actually existed for a couple of years now.

The news is creating all kinds of responses on the web, with users coming out both for and against the new gimmick. What's your take? Let us know in the comments box below.