Emma’s sleep app gets major AI upgrade to help track and improve your sleep

Emma adds AI and sound-based sleep coaching to its sleep app

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UK mattress manufacturer, Emma has just added new sound-based AI sleep tracking features to its Emma Up app. Designed to help users understand and improve their sleep habits, Emma Up has been given some exciting upgrades that makes it truly stand out against other sleep tracking apps.

Since its inception in 2015, Emma has been dedicated to giving its customers the best night’s sleep possible. But while having the best mattress for your sleep style can make a huge difference to how well you sleep at night, other factors need to be considered so you’re getting the rest you need.

From blocking out  external noise to limiting blue light, it’s important to understand your lifestyle habits so you can improve your sleep quality and quantity. With this in mind, Emma developed Emma Up, an AI-powered tracking and coaching sleep app, created in collaboration with experts from Oxford University.

The Emma Up sleep app utilises AI technology to better understand its user, including their sleep patterns and nighttime routine. From there, Emma Up creates a personalised step-by-step programme with recommendations, analysis and advice specific to you and your sleep problems.

Compared to the best sleep trackers which you need to wear around your wrist or lie on in bed, Emma Up is all on your smartphone, so you might be wondering how it can possibly track and monitor your data. Its recent upgrade has introduced a sound-based sleep tracking feature to the app which marks a significant advancement for Emma Up and for sleep tracking technology.

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How the new sound-based feature works is it listens to your environment rather than basing its findings off of your movement. By analysing the sounds it hears using AI, the Emma Up app offers personalised insights into your sleep patterns and how it can be improved.

As a self-proclaimed sleep expert, I really enjoy looking into my previous night’s sleep so I can make changes for a better sleep the next night. However, I’ve often found that the advice I get given by some sleep trackers are either extremely vague or insanely technical with too many percentages and numbers, so I never know what I actually need to work on.

But after Emma Up listens to your environment and learns about it more thoroughly, the app offers tips and steps that you can actually put into action into your daily and nighttime routines. For example, if you’re in a noisy sleeping environment, Emma Up will suggest how to change this and give tips on how to manage it better for your sleep.

This new feature from Emma gives its app users a more personalised experience, which in turn, should help them sleep better and feel more refreshed each morning.

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